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Even though  walking  doesn’t burn a lot of energy, Compared to other types of exercise. But if you walk at least 10,000 steps/day or walk for about 30 minutes and accumulate 150 minutes/week, it will help with blood pressure. If you regularly and enough each week. Your body will definitely become stronger.

How many types of walking are there?

  • Walking slowly is similar to walking, walking meditation, or walking to buy things ทางเข้า ufabet
  • Brisk walking is briskly for more than 10 minutes/time, for a total of 30 minutes/day, at least 5 days/week.
  • Race walking means so fast that you can’t speak a word. Don’t know what to talk about. Because I couldn’t breathe in time.

Advantages of walking Easy and economical to start with.

As long as you have comfortable sports shoes that fit your feet. You can start right away. without having to buy expensive exercise equipment. And you don’t even have to find the time. or a specific place to walk. Just adjust to your daily life, such as when going outside. Choose to walk instead of driving or take the bus instead.

It has low impact force.

Suitable for people who want to exercise to protect their knees. Reduce shock during exercise Due to being overweight Or your knees are starting to get bad.

Breaks down body fat quickly

Body fat doesn’t start burning from the moment you start exercising. But you have to exercise for a while before you start to burn it off. Walking at an appropriate pace for 10-20 minutes will not make you tired and will have a positive effect on breaking down fat in the body.