Dean Henderson reveals Manchester United is so honest that he has to move to the forest.

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Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson, who has been loaned out to Nottingham Forest this season, looks unlikely to return to Old Trafford when it breaks. Under the mother, the mis-speech caused him to hold out until the team sent to the City Ground.

Henderson has claimed United promised themselves to become No. 1 over David de Gea last season. but in the end was dishonest  

I told myself that enough with the secondary role. For this reason during the preseason 2022. He refused to train with the new team manager, Eric Ten Hag, squeezed the ‘ Red Devils ‘ to let Forest on loan for the whole year.  

“ To be honest with you, 12 months ago it was probably the most difficult time of my career , really hard to deal with and I ‘m happy that I can now let go . ” ‘ Sport ‘

” Because what we’ve been talking about is that after serving for England at Euro 2020 , coming back to United will be a goalkeeper. It turned out that I was infected with COVID. And then it hurts that no one has complied with what they promised me. It’s disappointing because I’ve been trying to turn down so many good loan offers that came in the summer of last season. And the club refused to let go. ” 

“ As a result, having to sit on that ass for 12 months , what a waste of time. when looking at his own age Having said that, my head is still hot. ” 

Although Forest has loaned ‘ Dino ‘ throughout the 2022-23 season is responsible for all wages. But there is no option to buy outright because United thinks that. If the good goal is released fully, it may sell for a high price next year. More than immediately set a price.