Four Latin nations join forces to organize the World Cup 2030.

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Four countries from the Conmebol zone – Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile have joined forces to offer hosts for the World Cup 2030.

A statement from the federation’s official website on Tuesday ( local ) said the football World Cup marks 100 years since the start of the World Cup 2030. Which would be very classic if you come to hit the host Uruguay for the first  time in 1930

At that time, Uruguay was crowned world champion for the first time. Defeating Argentina 4-2  in the final.

Discussions about bringing the World Cup celebrating its centenary back to Uruguay have been going on for years. But they may have to make up their minds that they might not succeed.  

An example from the Summer Olympic Games in Athens. Greece presented itself as the host in 1996 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympics. UFABET That began in 1896 in the same city.

However, the UN International Council chose Atlanta , Georgia , USA as the host because they were so ready that Athens had to wait until 2004 to accept the mat again.  

However, that was an example from different confederations. Because Gonmebol believes that FIFA members will comply with the plan. Then voted for them to organize a World Cup celebrating 100 years in South America.  

Because when looking at the names of the nominated nations , Argentina , Uruguay or Chile have all hosted the World Cup final.  

In Paraguay , utilities are ready to be the owner of beach soccer. World Championship 3 years ago  

For the host competition is Morocco from Africa , Europe has an alliance of the Liberia Peninsula , Spain , Portugal and the alliance of the Balkans , Romania , Greece , Bulgaria and Serbia .