Juventus opted not to dissect Pogba hoping to get to the World Cup.

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Juventus have ruled out France midfielder Paul Pogba undergoing surgery on a knee injury. For him to play in the 2022 World Cup.

Pogba, who return for free from Manchester United. Has suffered a knee sprain during pre-season training in the United States. Must be separated from the team to return to Italy to see a specialist in order to find the best treatment. 

There are two approaches to treatment. The first option is surgery to remove the torn piece of cartilage completely. It takes about 40-60 days to recover. The other option is to have a major surgery with an open incision. Which takes 4-5 months to recover. UFABET Which equals the right to go to the World Cup.

Recently, journalist Gianluca Di Marzio report that Pogba opted for non-surgical treatment. and will perform therapy instead and need to rest for about 5 weeks before starting water and gym exercises. This was follow by a solo practice on the field.

Opting out of this surgery can be risky as it is an ideal approach for younger players. And could affect the movement. Which Pogba is now 29, but the club and the club have chosen to be fit and ready for the World Cup later this year.