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What are Tannins?

Tannins or sometimes called tannic acid is a compound derived from phenolic acids and is classified in a group of compounds called Polyphenols. We can find in food. The tannin molecule is larger. Other compounds In the group of polyphenol substances. It also has the ability to easily

Method is eating after a buffet.

After eating a large batch recently To eat again Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? But in reality You have to take good food. Let’s fight against the bad food that we overeat and the following 5 foods. It will help your stomach organize itself better. After going through a hard

Tips for eating salad for good health.

I saw someone buy a salad to eat. We immediately knew that people That must be taking care of your health and tightening your figure. Or definitely losing weight. But while seeing people I was eating. Immediately he gave us something that made us realize, “Eat like this, just eat rice in individual


Even though  “walking”  doesn’t burn a lot of energy, Compared to other types of exercise. But if you walk at least 10,000 steps/day or walk for about 30 minutes and accumulate 150 minutes/week, it will help with blood pressure. If you regularly and enough each week. Your body will definitely become