Simple tips on how to eat to help “reduce belly fat”

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In addition to exercising Important for people who want to lose weight It is a strict diet control, reducing the intake of flour, sugar, and animal fat. and add more vegetables and fruits But sometimes it’s just floating knowledge. This might be difficult to pick up and eat in a concrete way. You may not be able to correctly estimate how much is a little or how much is a lot. Therefore, ทางเข้า

Good health starts with nutrition. Healthy food dish, formula 2:1:1:1

“Eat rice equal to meat. Eat more vegetables than rice.”

From Miss Jinchutha Prasoptham, dietitian The Thai People Without Belly Network said that healthy food dishes according to the 2:1:1:1 formula are a way to change favorite dishes in everyday life into healthy food. It is the concept of determining the appropriate amount of food by visual estimation. It’s a simple principle. That makes eating each meal complete with nutrients and not too much. There is a simple principle to remember:  “Eat rice equal to meat. Eat more vegetables than rice.”

Each meal, divide the food on the plate into 4 parts: 

  • 2 parts vegetables, either raw or cooked This will allow you to get dietary fiber. Vitamins and Minerals
  • 1 portion of carbohydrates should be selected as unrefined, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, or noodles. It will give you the right amount of energy. 
  • 1 portion of protein, focusing on low-fat groups such as chicken breast, pork tenderloin, fish or tofu, resulting in the right proportions. 
  • 1 part fruit such as orange, papaya, apple 

The additional part is 1-2 glasses of milk per day  and it should be plain milk. or less sweet soy milk

How can the 2:1:1:1 diet help reduce belly fat?

Eating 2:1:1:1 in 1 meal will provide approximately 400 kilocalories of energy, helping to reduce daily energy by 500 kilocalories. In 1 week, you can reduce weight by ½ kilogram. In addition, eating this way will increase the amount. Vegetables in 1 meal are 100-200 grams, and if you eat 3 meals together with fruits, you will get a total amount of not less than 400 kilograms, which will help reduce the risk of developing chronic non-communicable diseases.

However, physical activities should be included to help reduce belly fat faster, such as cardio exercises such as running, aerobics, cycling, swimming, playing sports, including weight training that focuses on the abdominal muscles. It will help you own a body without a saggy belly. Definitely can. But we have to give our bodies some time. A big belly doesn’t come overnight. A flat face doesn’t become ours overnight either. Therefore, you must have the intention to reduce your belly. Lose weight. Guaranteed to be successful for sure.