Klopp is delighted to see Diogo Jota extend his contract as a new era axis.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is delighted that forward Diogo Jota has officially renewed his contract. Because of the quality of pace maturity and attitude. It fits the club’s plans in the next phase.

Although the official website does not specify how many years the Portuguese star is re-signed. But Sky Sports claims that it will last five years until the end of the 2026-27 season UFABET . If it is completed, it will be 31 carats.

Of course, the Deutsche boss is delighted that. Diogo Jota entrusted his future to Anfield with a head-on with him as he has a mission to manage the ‘ Reds ‘ from now on for the next four seasons.

“ What Diogo brings to this team. And the club since he moved here everyone has seen. So it’s very good news. that he signed a new contract ” opening the mouth to ‘ LFC TV ‘

“ It’s the best news. I must say so. The qualities in him are very clear: his goalscoring quality , he works incredibly hard for the team. His pressing and counter, pressing are at an unbelievable level. ”

“ That guy can play in any position in the offensive line. have an incredible attitude It’s a competitive price that’s satisfying. As a centre-forward who can play on the wings. He gave us many options. and since he move to Liverpool It has evolved a lot. It was said before that there was an image in Diogo ‘s head of what kind of team. He would play with and the result was better than expect. I wish it would continue like this for a long time. ”

Unfortunately, pre season 2022 Jota has a thigh injury that has not involve in the team. So it is expect that it will continue until the opening match of the season with Fulham ( 6 Aug. )