Former Liverpool players admit Nuñez.

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Daniel Sturridge and Jamie Carragher, two UFABET Sports analysts, were fed up with the finishing method of Darwin Nuñez, Liverpool’s striker, in the 0-2 loss to Everton yesterday because if With a little bit of detail, the results of the competition might change.

Darwin’s performance may have improved from last season when he played 50 games in all competitions, scoring 18 goals and 13 assists, UFABET but his chances of showing that and turning into a score are low. And the statistics of missed golden opportunities up to 26 times in the league this season is second only to Erling Braut Haaland of Manchester City (30 times).

That caused two ‘Reds’ alumni to complain that they regretted that the Uruguayan players should have been more decisive in the final round. You may accidentally sit comfortably at the head of the table. It’s not a chance to win the league championship in the last 4 matchdays. 

“I think at this point in the season There’s no need to doubt Darwin any more,” Carragher said after the game at Goodison Park. 

“That guy gives everything, runs, creates things for the opposition, has goals/assists. But after playing for Liverpool into his second season And this year they have competed for the league championship. Still dare to miss out on golden opportunities in big games often.”

“You have to break the net away at Old Trafford, Goodison Park or at home against Atalanta. 

“This is not October or November, this is the time of the crisis. Fight for the league championship with many teams.” 

“Like the first season he came, they said he had to speed up. Looking at the current summary, I don’t think there is any big development. Two years ago, I saw what this guy was like. The definition is that it can create problems for the opponent’s defense game. But the finishing aspect is unpredictable.”

“I don’t think that these qualities are enough to compete for the big trophy. So it looks like there’s going to be an important decision in that guy.” 

It’s a view similar to Sturridge’s that Darwin must be assessed at the close of the season. Including another striker like Luis Diaz. 

“Nuñez finish last night probably disappointed himself. Because that doctor is truly a job creator for the opposing defenders. But he lacks decisiveness, and so does Luis Diaz,” the former Liverpool striker added. 

“They are not at their best. And for what reason? They couldn’t finish the job. The team needs you to take your performance to the next level.” 

“This team has a striker on the wing like Salah. The rest, Diaz, Darwin are responsible for half-to-half. Back when Liverpool were successful, ‘Mo’ and Sadio Mane scored goals, Forward number #9 Roberto Firmino, who used to score goals and provide additional assists – currently lacks continuity.” 

“When Salah is blind, Diogo Jota is no longer fit, even though he is one of the goal scorers for the team, the new manager has to find a way to keep those players connected. Or make an important decision.” 

Liverpool is really struggling, unable to score in 3 out of the last 5 games. The idea is to penetrate the open, blind play.